Assorted Echeveria 2.5" Succulent

Assorted Echeveria 2.5" Succulent

Assorted Echeveria 2.5" Succulent

The undisputed, rose-shaped stars of succulent gardening, succulent décor, and succulent Instagram, echeverias are perfect for DIY projects, celebration centerpieces, wedding bouquets, low-maintenance/high-drama gardens, and patio planters. Think container gardens, mixed planters, and windowsills. Colors, shapes, and distinctive touches galore, and many have long-lasting bell-shaped blooms, adding yellow, gold, orange, coral, or pink to the mix. Even red. All plants are California grown from seed or cuttings on acres of greenhouses and fields in northern San Diego County. Growing echeverias in bright light helps them maintain their color and compact form. 

Soil Preference: Porous

Shade Preference: Low

Bloom Time: Varies

Water Preference: Low

Pet Safety: Safe

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