About Us

Pink Moon offers an eclectic selection of home goods, stationery, and gift items - all thoughtfully sourced from around the world with an emphasis on items that celebrate our core values of diversity, inclusion, and kindness; Small-batch, handmade products, eco friendlier items, and products that give back.

The ladies of pink moon

To put it most simply, Pink Moon is a hug to the universe. It's filled with happy things to brighten someone's day, to infuse one's surroundings with sunshine, and to create a safe space for everyone who enters through or doors.

We've had many questions about our 'corporate headquarters' and how many store locations we have, and let me assure you - we are a very small woman-owned business (that's me!) and there is only one location - Tucson, AZ....at least for now :)

I've filled the store with my favorite things, each item so carefully selected - And I've staffed the store with my favorite people - my sister in law, Amber, who manages the store; my mom, MaryAnne, who creates fused glass art that we sell in the shop - and who keeps our back room tidy; and my baby girl Olivia, who manages all things social media (and scouts cool barware for us!). For my part, I do the buying and the merchandising - and if the store ever looks like we were ransacked, well, I take responsibility for the chaos I seem to thrive in.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Wishing you peace and love and happiness!

xx, Jessie