Easy Breezy Portable Fan + Power Bank

Easy Breezy Portable Fan + Power Bank

Cool down. Charge up.

• powerful, two-speed easy breezytm fan makes hot days a breeze. Hidden battery in the fan base provides emergency power for your devices. Just plug in to charge up when you need it most.

• small to carry, quick to stow, this is a must-have addition to every purse, backpack & auto. Charge it up, throw it in your bag & forget about it until you need it next.

• fan offers continuous cooling for up to 8 hours. Soft-touch silicone blades are ouchless.

• count on the emergency battery for when you can’t get to the next outlet. The battery holds enough power, for example, to charge an iphone 14 pro from from 38% to 100%.

• specs: capacity 2000mAh, input 5V-1A, output 5V-1.2A, power 1.5W. 

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