Assorted Vibrant Dried Flowers Burlap Bouquet

Assorted Vibrant Dried Flowers Burlap Bouquet

These forever flower bouquets are filled with bright and vibrant dried flowers that will brighten anyone’s day. Each arrangement is uniquely made with a mix of house dried flowers with varying textures and shapes. Flowers are artfully arranged, ensuring a unique sustainable product that lasts indefinitely.

-Bouquets will come wrapped in burlap and tied with a jute bow

-There will be variations in flowers and colors depending on local and seasonal availability

-Actual bouquets will be unique and of a similar color scheme and price point

-Flowers may be a bit squished during the shipping process and may need a gentle fluffing with your fingers to volumize them

Measurements 12Hx4W

Made in USA

*flowers' color scheme might differ from photos*

Regular price $30.00
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