Sweary Bingo

The party game for the potty-mouthed! Looking for the perfect gift for your sweary friends and family? Look not further than this Sweary Bingo game!

Play bingo with 64 colorful and highly offensive swear words. Each player gets a game card with 16 random expletives, the first to complete their board gets to shout BINGO (or something worse). Includes a glossary to explain some more unusual terms and generally raise your swearing game. It's the ultimate party game for large and small groups. Box contains: a bingo board to track words that have been drawn, 12 player boards, 64 tiles, 100 counters, a fold flat tile box and a sweary glossary.

Warning: contains deeply offensive words, smut and all around bad language.

Ages 18 and up, 3-12 players.

Regular price $24.99
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