Assorted Jade Succulents 2.5"

Assorted Jade Succulents 2.5"

Assorted Jade Succulents 2.5"

This assorted tray reflects the diversity of jade plant, showcasing various forms of one of the world’s most well-known succulent plants. From the classic ovate (oval) leaves to odd tubular or folded foliage to leaves with ripples or that blush in bright light, there is a wonderful range of greenery in the jade plant realm. One trait that’s consistent? Those charming star-shaped white flowers that appear in wintertime. Jade is an adaptable plant that can be featured as a houseplant, dish garden filler, or as a foundational, no-fuss shrub in a waterwise succulent garden, including toasty spots. Jade plant is a popular subject for bonsai treatment because of the inherent gnarly character of the thickened trunk and the ease with which it can be pruned and trained. 

Soil Preference: Porous

Shade Preference: Low

Bloom Time: Winter/ Spring

Water Preference: Low

Pet Safety: Not Safe

Price is for 1 

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